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The new way to manage employee benefits

BenPal is redefining the management of benefits plans for companies, employees and insurers. Unifying data for whole benefit programs on a single online system with international capability sets a new standard in on-demand information and control.

Stuart Whitbread - Benefit Solutions General Manager
Comprehensive coverage can include group life and group salary continuance plans, voluntary benefit arrangements and reward statements. Whether in a single country or across multiple regions, they all run in the same database. You choose how far and how fast you want to move your benefits online.
Stuart Whitbread - Benefit Solutions General Manager

Companies in control

Whether at local, regional or global level, Finance and HR teams can access real time data to understand the actual spend on benefits and develop cost-saving strategies.

With instant access to accurate management information, benefit plans can be managed more effectively to reduce cost and risk.

Insurers in the loop

The insurers of benefits also enjoy access to accurate data and streamlined processes, enabling them to provide enhanced terms for companies that choose JLT.

With relevant information easily available at each renewal, the BenPal platform saves time and money for everyone involved.

Employees engaged

Online enrolment and management of key tasks enable employees to take personal control of their benefits.

With 24/7 access and a personalised online experience, each employee is more engaged with their benefits.