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Jardine Lloyd ThompsonJardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) Australia is part of the JLT Group, an international group of risk specialist and employee benefits consultants employing over 11,000 people worldwide and is listed on the UK FTSE 250 Index. As a highly respected risk and insurance advisor JLT’s innovate and cost effective solutions are tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Working in partnership with our clients, the Benefit Solutions team provides consultancy and administration services to corporate and private clients across a wide range of company paid and voluntary employee benefits.

Our team has the knowledge and expertise to customise an innovative and competitive benefits plan, uniquely suited to your organisation’s business needs.

Integrated employee benefits

We believe that benefits should not be looked at in isolation but as an integrated programme, where benefits complement one another and provide comprehensive but cost effective cover. We can advise on benefit strategy and structure in the areas of:

  • Salary continuance
  • Life insurance
  • Key man insurance
  • Share purchase insurance
  • Domestic company paid or voluntary health insurance
  • Expatriate or inpatriate health insurance
  • Health and wellbeing programmes
  • Employee assistance programmes
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Discount benefits

Data control

Complementing our Benefit Solutions consultancy services in Australia is our integrated benefits management system BenPal.

Whether your company operates in just Australia or across multiple regions, BenPal can help put your organisation in control of its benefits data, reduce offline benefits administration and increase employee engagement with benefits.


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