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Case Study: Macadamian

Macadamian is a full service software and design firm, headquartered in Quebec with staff across the globe.

They had an archaic, offline benefit plan but wanted to launch a refreshed plan using online technology, that would engage their disbursed employees, streamline internal HR admin procedures, integrate systems and ‘spend the money at the right place’

JLT Canada suggested that a choice based benefits plan was the ideal solution for Macadamian’s needs, “BenPal is a platform that brings together a variety of benefits and empowers staff to identify the benefits that meet their needs.” Explained Jennifer Yates, Managing Director Employee Benefits, “it seemed an ideal solution for both Macadamian and their workforce.”

JLT Canada assisted in the communications effort by running workshops for staff, allowing them to get a feel for the new solution and providing subject matter experts to answer their questions. “We knew a change like this required meaningful support from us as solution providers,” said Scott Hunter, “and this immediate engagement increased staff confidence in our offering.”

Since BenPal has launched, the outcome has been overwhelmingly positive:

  • 99% of staff participated in enrollment to develop unique benefits plans that matched their needs
  • Employees participation to the group RRSP jumped from 3% to 60% during the first year of enrollment
  • Employees are more engaged by asking questions about their benefits and more conscious about the value of their benefit package

Kenny Santoso, Human Resources and Talent Specialist with Macadamian described the change as being revolutionary for their processes. “We moved from paper forms being mailed across Canada and manually updating excel spreadsheets to using a single source to track and file all plans in a single location. Now I can pick up a query from our CFO when I am out of the office, go online and answer it.”