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Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc
The St Botolph Building
138 Houndsditch
London EC3A 7AW
+44 20 7528 4444
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BenPal Info and Sales

+44 20 7895 7895


What can BenPal do?

BenPal is the international benefits management system from JLT.

For Employees, BenPal captures remuneration and benefits data and presents each employee with a personalised  summary of their benefits package.

For Companies, BenPal is a benefits communication channel, administration platform and a source of instant data for Finance and HR teams.

For Insurers, BenPal's streamlined processes help to assess risk at outset, manage underwriting, collect premiums and complete renewals.


What type of employee benefits can BenPal handle?

BenPal can run any type of employee benefit, from protection plans to health schemes and reward and flexible/ voluntary benefit programmes. All customised to your company's specific requirements.

What is TRS?

A Total Reward Statement (TRS) allows companies to communicate the full value of the compensation and benefits package they provide for their employees. A Benefits Summary does the same thing, without the cash element.

How do I see a demo of BenPal?

Please “Send a message” and we'll be in touch.

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