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Bringing it all together

Bringing it all together

BenPal is designed to meet the complex benefits needs of today’s organisations, providing a versatile, online roadmap for future developments.

To unify is to simplify

Access to the system and its intuitive controls help companies, individual employees and insurers co-ordinate and manage benefit programmes more effectively.

Employees engaged

  • Improve employee perception of benefit schemes
  • Targeted communications improve employee understanding and engagement
  • 24/7 access to a complete overview of benefit package



  • Dedicated MI data dashboards
  • Understand the cost and savings of your schemes in real time
  • Bespoke reporting to meet your needs


  • Improve engagement and take-up
  • Automated processes and tax efficiency
  • Real-time pension valuations

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Employee benefits

  • Reduce cost and minimise risk
  • Streamlined admin, simplified assessments
  • Offer real flexibility to employees

Pension modelling

  • Test effect of drawing earlier or later
  • See impact of investing more or less
  • Add other pensions


iPhone app in the UK

The UK's iPhone app:

  • Allows you to model on the move
  • Is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
  • Is easy to use