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Bringing it all together
How can BenPal help you?

Bringing it all together

The BenPal system is designed to meet the complex benefits needs of today’s international organisations and provide a versatile, online roadmap for future developments.

To unify is to simplify

With BenPal, benefit plans sit in a single database, meaning data silos and transfer via spreadsheets become a thing of the past. Whether you are the company, an individual employee or a benefit insurer, access to the system and its intuitive controls help you co-ordinate and manage your benefits programs more efficiently.

Total Reward Statements

For employees, the most complete and accurate overview of their personal package is available 24/7 through the BenPal Total Reward Statement (TRS).

They gain a greater sense of their value in the workplace whilst employers can measure and validate each benefit in line with changing business priorities.

  • Covers the whole employment package
  • Shows cash and non–cash  benefits
  • Includes info and T&Cs for each benefit


Risk benefits

Manage group risk and salary continuance plans more effectively, reducing costs and minimising business risk

Employees see the actual amount of their cover and gain a better appreciation of how these benefits work to provide valuable protection for them and their dependants.

  • Automated plan administration
  • Underwriting automatically identified
  • Premium costs tracked monthly not annually


Wellness programs

Running an effective Wellness program, to help employees improve their lifestyle and performance, is good news for them, their dependants and the business.

BenPal can be the online portal to a comprehensive Health & Wellness program, tailored to each client's requirements.

  • Offer prevention as well as cure
  • Control health risks and business cost
  • Communicate, educate, act