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Bringing it all together

Bringing it all together

The BenPal system is designed to meet the complex benefits needs of today’s organisations and provide a versatile, online roadmap for future developments.

To unify is to simplify

Access to the system and its intuitive controls help companies, individual employees and insurers co-ordinate and manage benefit programmes more effectively.

Data on demand

Benefits are driven by data which typically reside in separate silos.

BenPal brings them all together in a single platform, accessible by everyone interested in the efficient management of workplace benefits, from employers and employees to insurers and benefit administrators.

For human resources and finance professionals, whether at a local, regional or global level, BenPal can be a benefits database tool, a benefits communication channel, a benefits administration system, or all three.


Employee benefits and pensions

What benefits do you provide for your employees?

Which are legally required, which ones do you have to offer to attract and retain valued staff, which ones have you added on top?

BenPal can work with any and every benefits scheme.

Whatever you have, whatever you want, you can use BenPal to manage your benefits package and communicate it to your people.


International reach

Multinational companies can use BenPal to manage benefits across multiple regions and countries; all employees have the same user interface, no matter where they are.

Benefits are configured to local requirements and customs, language and currency, with access for HR and Finance at regional and global levels.

One vision, one system, your brand.