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Case studies

Macadamian is a full service software and design firm, headquartered in Quebec with staff across the globe.

They had an archaic, offline benefit plan but wanted to launch a refreshed plan using online technology, that would engage their disbursed employees, streamline internal HR admin procedures, integrate systems and ‘spend the money at the right place’

McDonald’s is the biggest family restaurant business in the world, serving over 3 million customers a day in the UK alone. Their head office is based in London and the company employs 37,000 people in the UK, made up of approximately 35,000 hourly paid employees and 2,000 salaried employees. In addition to this, there are a further 57,000 employees working in franchised restaurants throughout the UK. The payroll system used is Northgate, and the HR system used is Oracle.

When Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) moved from an offline Company Pension to an online contract-based Group Pension Plan (GPP) on BenPal, they saw better employee engagement with higher membership numbers and employees selecting a wider variety of funds. NI savings were made with the introduction of salary sacrifice and the company saw a saving in fees.

BenPal increased pension membership nearly three times over in the first year, with 50% of members choosing the new option for higher contributions. The company made a total salary sacrifice saving of £77,800 on employee contributions in the first year.

BenPal helped the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) to provide lower member charges and achieve £44,000 of NI savings per year. Many previous non-members joined the new pension, with 98% of existing members signed up.

The RSC wished to improve their pension offering and create better value for themselves and their members through lower member charges and SMART NI savings.

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