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The new way to manage employee benefits

With a single data feed from human resources, BenPal will manage all your UK benefits (including pensions auto enrolment) on a unified online system. Using pioneering rules-based eligibility, employees are provided with accurate and personalised information, empowering them to make the right decisions. Their choices are seamlessly relayed back to payroll and human resources teams as well as benefit providers. Employers are provided with an adaptable and proven system with which to handle all of their day-to-day employee benefit processes.

Jonathan Underwood - Head of Product Design & Development
BenPal is the online integrated benefits management system from JLT. Whether your company operates in a single country or across multiple regions, BenPal can capture your benefits data in a single database and provide one consistent interface for all your employees.
Jonathan Underwood - Head of Product Design & Development

Companies in control

Data dashboards allow finance and human resources teams to understand the actual spend on benefits.

  • Manage cost and risk with access to real-time management information
  • Engage employees with an on-demand communication channel
  • Provide statutory auto enrolment statistics at the touch of a button

Strategic consulting

Accurate data enables our consulting team to understand trends and deliver solutions.

  • JLT experts with a wealth of industry and sector-specific knowledge
  • Benefit feasibility and benchmarking studies

Employees engaged

Employees take control and learn the real value of the benefits you provide.

  • Access to personalised information and tools
  • Online benefit enrolment and self-service fulfilment encourage employee take-up


Insurers in the loop

Automated payroll, underwriting processes and access to accurate data mean:

  • Benefit insurers can provide enhanced terms for companies choosing BenPal
  • Relevant information at renewal, saving time and money for everyone


Support your organisation for pensions auto enrolment.

  • Automated processes and robust eligibility mapping reduce time and risk
  • Integrated opt in/opt out processes with data feeds to payroll

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All your benefits together on BenPal.

  • No data silos or spreadsheet management, saving human resources time and money
  • Employees learn the value of their total benefits package