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Flexible benefits on BenPal

Let our award winning technology change the way you view Flexible Benefits.

Using BenPal, you can run your Flex and employee benefit scheme more efficiently with more control and more... flexibility.

Plug it in. Empower your people. Reap the rewards.


Selecting benefits is (or should be) an engaging, educational process for employees, with everything visible on the same page and drill-downs to more information. In addition, automated, personalised messaging via tablet, PC and mobile devices should be there to keep employees in touch.

BenPal can be the system that employees use to manage all their company benefits, core and voluntary, pension as well as risk and health, with options of dynamic Reward Statements and links to external discount and savings portals.



BenPal is a web-based/rules-based system, so no matter how complex your offering, BenPal can handle it. We can tailor BenPal to your scheme so employees only see and choose what they’re entitled to.

With BenPal, employers have more flexibility and real control. HR and Finance have instant access to accurate data and management reports. New processes with benefit providers remove inefficiencies, secure better terms and save money and hassle. Automated underwriting reduces any exposure to uninsured liabilities. New benefits can be introduced at any time, not just at the Flex renewal.

The bigger picture

All of this is backed up by JLT’s full-service offering with consultancy, communications, administration and dedicated helpdesk teams. This is a platform that can sit at the heart of any online benefits strategy, both in the UK and internationally.

And remember – when your benefits are on BenPal, you can use the same system for your pension (including auto enrolment), reward statements and wellbeing schemes. Plug it all in to create a holistic view for both management and employees.

Contact us for more information on how BenPal can help with your flexible benefits.