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Pension modeller

Help your employees plan for the future.

The modeller comes integrated with the BenPal system or can be installed standalone for any defined benefit, defined contribution or contract-based pension plan.

Pre-loaded with employees' personal details so they can start modelling straight away, it shows the impact on potential retirement income of investing more or less, drawing earlier or later, whilst also allowing for inflation. Employees can add pensions from previous employments to see what their total benefits might be.

iPhone App  


Plan for the future

With the BenPal Pension Modeller App, anyone can use iPhone technology to take control of their retirement planning.

Enhanced functionality

Modelling possible pension benefits at retirement is simple and easy. Once you have entered your personal data, the powerful engine, capable of advanced calculations, gives personalised results.


Table view

The table view shows more details like total monthly contributions, your net cost, projected salary and pension fund at retirement.


When you first use the modeller, enter some basic information about yourself and your current pension plans. You can return to Settings at any time to change data and values.

Advanced settings

To do some really bespoke modelling, go to Advanced Settings and personalise the modeller to your exact requirements.

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